The best Melanotan 2 suppliers are specializing companies that are equipped to serve pharmaceutical and biotech firms. These companies typically synthesize large batches of peptides for drug development research. Indeed, our company custom synthesizes Melanotan 2 for firms around the globe in addition to serving individual licensed professionals.

Scientists doing clinical studies on Melanotan II will then get it from the firm that they work for, or hospital, etc. These organizations have medical or scientific facilities that procure various research chemicals, often getting them from licensed compounding pharmacies or custom synthesis companies in very large orders.

However, for individuals, this is extremely expensive. As a result, many opt to purchase smaller amounts of the tanning peptide from online Melanotan 2 suppliers.

Let’s back up for a second.

The legality of Melanotan 2 varies around the world. In some countries it can be perfectly legal, while other countries may have tighter restrictions on purchasing.

However, a loophole does exist in some countries’ laws, allowing the sale of tanning peptides to licensed professionals for the sole purpose of “research use.” So not surprisingly, there are a large amount of sites online selling tanning peptides “for research use only.”

With a wink and nod, anyone can buy from these sites. But are they actually getting quality products from a research use only site?

Unfortunately, the answer can sometimes be no.

In a 2015 study conducted at Aalborg University in Denmark, researchers bought Melanotan 2 from several "research use only" online shops. Tests for purity showed that the actual amount of tanning peptide in each product ranged only between 4.32 and 8.84 mg, even though there was supposed to be 10 mg per vial.

But far more worrisome is the fact that “vials from two shops contained unknown impurities ranging from 4.1 to 5.9%.” This is far from desirable for the average user, who clearly should be aware of anything and everything they are putting in their bodies.

It's an unfortunate reality that some less-than-professional companies will look to cut any corners they can in order to slightly increase their profit margins, even if that could put their customers' health at risk. And to recreational users planning to inject themselves, that’s pretty sobering. That's why our company never cuts corners when it comes to quality and purity, and why we're more than happy to provide MS and HPLC documentation verifying the quality of our products.

The Best Melanotan 2 Suppliers

Basically, it is possible to buy Melanotan 2 from a multitude of sources online. Still, it's inadvisable to do so without performing your due diligence first.

Ok…so what are some things to look out for if one does try to find the best Melanotan 2 supplier?

Again, quality and purity are critical. To make sure that you get the best product, avoid sellers that appear shady or demonstrate a lack of professionalism. This includes not answering inquiries within a timely manner, having a sloppy website, or not having pictures of the actual product they sell (this is key).

Here are a few indicators of a good supplier of Melanotan 2:

- High purity (greater than 95%)
- No fillers (mannitol, etc.)
- Recent synthesis date (older peptides may have degraded in potency)
- Sold in lyophilized powder form (pre-mixed Melanotan 2 deteriorates rapidly)